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Portrait Écorché

July 29 — August 2, 2019, Time: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Tuition: $650

Using the Ecorche method of anatomy study, this class will examine the bone, muscle and cartilage structure of the head and neck. From there it will move on to the morphology and surface form and finally end with the animating nature of facial expressions.

With the aid of a display skeleton we will build a life-size skull and cervical column down to the level of the first rib. Those forms will be worked to detail. Following this, the muscle and cartilage forms will be built up, starting from the inside and working out. In this way, a true sense of the makeup of the forms is accomplished. The surface form or morphology will be added to one side of the head and neck to show the connection of deep form to the exterior. The last step is the animation of the forms. For this, the groundbreaking research of Dr. Paul Ekman is utilized through his very pertinent book “Unmasking the Face”.

The class attempts to give the student an anatomical, structural and expressive understanding to take to their portrait and figurative work.

Stephen Perkins is a figurative sculptor trained and working in the classical method. He has studied with sculptors Walker Hancock, Leslie Posey and Elisabeth Chandler as well as painters Henry Hensche, Deane Keller and Cedric Egeli. Stephen has taught at The New York Academy, The Academy of Art University and the Grand Central Academy and taught workshops at the national and international levels. His awards include the Paul Jennewein Medal, the Bartlett Prize and five academic scholarships from the National Sculpture Society. Stephen maintains a studio in Florida.

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